Catherine Mackintosh


Catherine Mackintosh has been one of the most important musicians during the fascinating era of early music revival

Artistic Leading

Catherine Mackintosh is one of the most experienced orchestra concertmistresses and artistic leaders, having led several top ensembles and orchestras: The Academy of Ancient Music, Purcell Quartet and Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. 


Catherine has passed on her enthusiasm for early style in performance to countless younger musicians and is frequently invited to direct workshops and masterclasses around the world. 


Catherine’s full biography. During an illustrious career she has been one of the most active British musicians both at home and internationally.


Catherine’s discography includes over 40 recordings with the Purcell Quartet, Bach violin concertos, Bach sonatas, Vivaldi viola d’amore concertos, Mozart duo sonatas. She also made countless best-selling recordings for Decca with Academy of Ancient Music.


Impressions by Catherine’s former students and colleagues about her impact on their careers and musical world in general.


Comments on Catherine’s performances and recordings by music writers in music magazines and other media.

Catherine Mackintosh,
an important pioneer and inspiring artist

Lessons and Masterclasses

Catherine has been teaching at the Royal College of Music in London, Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and Hague Royal Conservatoire.

She has been giving masterclasses and lessons in summer courses in UK, Holland, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Australia and Japan. She has taught and supported numerous young musicians who are now at the forefront of early and baroque music in UK and Europe

Artistic Leader

Catherine Mackintosh possesses unique energy that elevates each performance and takes it to the next level. She inspires musicians she works with through sharing her deep understanding of music while infusing rehearsals and concerts with the joy of music-making. 

Catherine is a regular guest leader of many European and Australian ensembles.


Catherine's breadth and depth of experience in teaching, performing, directing and recording makes her one of a kind. She has the ability to not only teach a multitude of instruments, genres and levels of performer, but to inspire and elevate all around her.

Helen Kruger, violinist, Artistic Director @ Australian Baroque

Her work with ensembles across the globe has opened up new horizons in the musical lives of too many to count. The more people can benefit from her expertise and spirit, the richer the world's musical tapestry will become.

Kati Debretzeni, violinist, Leader @ English Baroque Orchestra, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Monteverdi Orchestra

Cat is a remarkable teacher - brilliant at communicating, she has a gift for guiding and encouraging her students, helping them to become independent musicians. 25 years on I am still benefiting from her wonderful and generous teaching.

Clare Salaman, multi-instrumentalist, Artistic Director @  The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments

Cat Mackintosh is one of the biggest influences on my musical life. Cat Mackintosh is a remarkable musician, teacher, leader and musical director and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I had to study with her and that this led to becoming a colleague and friend.

Laurence Cummings, conductor and harpsichordist, Artistic Director @ London Handel Festival and Göttingen Internationale Händel Festspiele


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