Catherine Mackintosh

violinist, teacher, coach, artistic leader


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Cat Mackintosh is one of the biggest influences on my musical life. I had the great fortune to study at the RCM when Cat directed the RCM Baroque Orchestra. Each week we lapped up her vast knowledge of the period and repertoire, her inspirational leadership and her infectious enthusiasm. Since then I have taught with Cat on many courses and it gives me great pleasure to see that same hungry look in the young students' eyes satisfied by Cat's insatiable zest for teaching and directing. 

Cat Mackintosh is a remarkable musician, teacher, leader and musical director and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I had to study with her and that this led to becoming  a colleague and friend.

Laurence Cummings - conductor, harpsichordist 

Artistic Director: London Handel Festival and Göttingen Internationale Händel Festspiele

Cat is one of those rare people who have a transformative effect on every musician she comes in contact with. She was and still is a major influence on my work as a performer and teacher. As her student, I am one amongst many who benefitted from her knowledge, dedication, problem-solving skills and her larger-then-life personality and good humour.

Having been an orchestral leader and director for many decades, Cat has vast experience in how to make an orchestra sound transformed within the first 5 minutes of a rehearsal. One has to hear it to believe it!

Her work with modern as well as period orchestras and smaller chamber ensembles across the globe has opened up new horizons in the musical lives of too many for count. The more people can benefit from her expertise and spirit, the richer the world's musical tapestry will become.

Kati Debretzeni - violinist

Leader: English Baroque Soloists and Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

Cat is a remarkable teacher -  imaginative, inventive and inspiring. She is brilliant at communicating the minutiae of playing the baroque violin but perhaps even more important, she has a gift for guiding and encouraging her students, helping them to become independent musicians. 25 years on I am still benefitting from her wonderful and generous teaching. I am extremely grateful.

Clare Salaman - multi-instrumentalist

Director of The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments


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